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International Scientific Council Members

In 2013, we created the International Scientific Council of Constellium to nurture and broaden our perspective on emerging domains, key drivers, and technological trends related to our strategic activities. The council comprises four academic members from laboratories and prestigious universities around the world such as the MIT, Oxford and Clemson.

Our council is an essential resource for our organization as we are constantly looking to advance our research and development goals. With their expertise and knowledge, they help us stay up-to-date with current trends in scientific research and ongoing funding opportunities.

One of the council's strengths is their ability to provide links to relevant technological or scientific progress in adjacent fields. This is crucial to identify potential partnerships or opportunities for collaboration. In addition to their ability to provide insights into current trends, the council also offers advice on strategic orientations for research and technology. This advice ensure that our R&T efforts are aligned with our long-term goals and objectives.

Another valuable service provided by the council is targeted technical advice in their specialisms. This is particularly helpful for us to explore new areas of research or expand our existing capabilities. The council also provides information on academic and industrial trends outside of Europe. This is important for an organization such as Constellium that operates globally.  

Overall, our council plays a crucial role in advancing Constellium's research and development efforts. By bringing together experts from within and outside the company, the council provides valuable insights and advice on ongoing and future R&D initiatives.

The ISC and Constellium R&D representatives meet twice a year to discuss. During those couple of days external guests from the aluminum industry or relevant institutions may also be invited to share updates on the market, innovations, or other important developments.

Each meeting of the council concludes with recommendations made by the members to Constellium. These recommendations are based on the discussions and insights gained during the meeting.