Wide Sheet & Coils

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Constellium’s longstanding experience in serving manufacturers of commercial trucks and trailers is widely recognized in the industry. Our product offering of wide coils & sheets, mill-finished or pre-lacquered, may be used in a variety of applications, such as roofs or side panels as well as inner structures. Our large width capability (over 100 inches / 2.6 m) covers most applications and thus reduces assembly workload.

Alloy Portfolio

The Constellium coil & sheet portfolio consists of different alloys:

  • 1000 series alloys help with thermal management around engines and other heat sources. 

  • 3000 series alloys are ideally suited for roof panels as they enable the use of single sheets of aluminium, and hence, provide trailer robustness.

  • 5000 series alloys are used for wide applications for truck and trailer body parts, as well as for stamped and drawn parts for inner support structures. 

  • 7000 series alloys provide strength and support for assembled and machined structures. 

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