Auto Body Sheet Inners

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In today’s automotive industry, it is crucial to meet increasing demands on sustainability and design, while reducing costs to keep vehicles affordable. Constellium provides customers with a comprehensive Automotive Body Sheet offering for inners, as well as unparalleled expertise and support. We guarantee outstanding formability, sustainability, and performance.

Formability for Demanding Designs

Our inner products are designed to improve work hardening, isotropy, and elongation. This allows for very complex shapes and also reduces the number of stamped parts for applications such as door inners. Rationalizing parts delivers big productivity benefits while minimizing tooling, inventory, and assembly costs.

Maximum Productivity, Minimal Waste

We ensure best-in-class consistency and optimized performance thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, quality controls, and vast operational experience. Our customers' production stays consistent due to the mechanical properties of the alloy, coupled with our lubrication and flatness control.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Aluminium is up to 50% lighter than steel, providing countless lightweighting opportunities throughout a vehicle for greater fuel efficiency, increased range per charge, and reduced CO2 emissions. Closed-loop collaboration with Constellium minimizes CO2 intensity of products. We guarantee the footprint of our products for the length of the contract, and provide third-party-verified certificates. Uni-alloy design (6xxx) solutions for closure applications improve the recyclability of end-of-life vehicles.

Safety Performance

For applications such as hood inners, we offer a unique compromise between stiffness and controlled strength. These solutions improve pedestrian safety performance.

Technical Services

We provide more than just aluminium. Our extensive services help customers maximize the value-in-use of vehicles and achieve decarbonization targets. We are a trusted partner in several areas of expertise, such as prototyping sheets, characterization, numerical simulation, feasibility studies, product innovation, R&D analysis, problem-solving, and on-site support.

Constellium’s Capabilities

Within the Formalex® family, Constellium has a range of solutions that meet all leading OEMs’ specifications. For partly visible inner panels, special surface qualities are available for 5xxx (e.g., SSF quality) and 6xxx series alloys. 

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