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Constellium is a global industry leader in the sustainable production and recycling of aluminium products.  With ~12,000 employees working together safely, we develop innovative, value-added, and recyclable aluminium products for the aerospace, automotive, transportation, and packaging markets.  

Aluminium is part of the solution for tomorrow’s lighter, faster, more sustainable economy.  It is abundant, endlessly recyclable and reusable, and helps shape a future of infinite possibilities while being socially responsible.

With a strong emphasis on our people, shared values, and a relentless focus on operational excellence, we empower our employees to optimize processes in a true circular economy, making us one of the most exciting and inspiring companies in our industry.

We are seeking talented, passionate, and committed individuals who are enthusiastic about aluminium and its endless possibilities.  Constellium has a bright future.  Join our team and you will, too!

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