Body Structure Components

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Up to 40% lighter than steel, aluminium solutions are used throughout the vehicle’s structure to lower weight while providing the strength, stiffness, crash- and corrosion-resistance for a safe, comfortable ride. A lighter vehicle offers improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and greater range for electric vehicles, helping automakers achieve their sustainability goals.

A Full-Service Partner, from Design to Production

Constellium supplies extrusion-based structural components for global automotive programs. Our unique full-service capabilities enable us to provide our customers with world-class solutions and support along the entire value chain:

  • Alloy development

  • Extrusion and product design

  • Simulation

  • Product optimization

  • Prototyping

  • In-house testing

  • Series production

With our design and development teams, a dedicated University Technology Center and a network of plants in Europe, the U.S., and China, we partner with the world’s leading OEMs to supply body structure components for some of the most exciting vehicles on the road, including the Audi e-tron, BMW X5, Ford F-150 and F-150 Lightning, and many more.

Our Extensive Product Portfolio

Constellium offers a wide range of components designed to customers’ specifications for strength, weight, package space, functional features and other performance characteristics.

Our product solutions include:

  • Rockers

  • Longitudinals

  • Struts

  • Windshield headers

  • Roof bows

  • and other custom components

Thanks to its superior forming capabilities, aluminium components can be created in complex shapes, helping to reduce part count and assembly time. And aluminium components are well suited to multiple joining techniques, such as welding, adhesive bonding, self-piercing riveting, and others. At the end of the vehicle’s life, aluminium components can be recycled in a closed loop.

Constellium HSA6®, a Family of High-Strength 6xxx Alloys

Offering superior formability, corrosion resistance, energy absorption, and recyclability, Constellium’s HSA6® alloys are designed for aluminum extrusion-based structural components, as well as Crash Management Systems and EV battery enclosures. They allow designers to optimize extrusion shapes and reduce wall thicknesses to fit tighter package spaces and achieve a weight savings of 15-30 percent when compared to conventional aluminum alloys. In other scenarios, Constellium HSA6® is able to provide 15-30 percent additional strength to reduce intrusion in the event of a crash, protecting vehicle occupants while preserving the integrity of the vehicle and reducing potential repair costs. Learn more about Constellium HSA6®here.

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