Aerospace Extrusions

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Thanks to our state-of-the-art R&D capabilities, Constellium’s industry-leading, high-performance aerospace alloy portfolio benefits our customers whether they build commercial aircraft, business and regional jets, military aircraft, or space vehicles. 

Airware® 2196 T8511 extrusion

Airware® 2196-T8511 is a low-density extruded product developed to provide high toughness, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. Airware® 2196 delivers improved performance compared to legacy 7075 and 2024 extrusions. Airware® 2196 extrusions are available from 0.04 – 1.26in (1.0 – 32.0 mm) and are in use today as fuselage stringers and seat tracks and are an excellent choice for other balanced strength-toughness internal applications such as floor beams and lower wing stringers.

Airware® 2065 T84 extrusion

Airware® 2065-T84 is a low-density extruded product developed to provide very high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Airware® 2065 delivers higher strength compared to legacy 7150 and 7075 extrusions, with a significant weight reduction.

Low density, very high strength, high stiffness, and good damage tolerance make Airware® 2065 extrusions an excellent choice for tensile and compression strength driven applications, such as fuselage and upper wing stringers, cargo floor grids, and seat tracks. Airware® 2065 is available in the thickness range of 0.04 to 0.499in (1.0 to 12.5 mm). For thicknesses 12.6 to 31.75 mm (0.50 to 1.25in) contact your Constellium representative.

Airware® 2076 T84 extrusion

Airware® 2076 T84 is a low density aluminum alloy developed for extruded products requiring high damage tolerance and excellent corrosion resistance.  High fracture toughness, combined with high strength, stiffness, excellent corrosion resistance and very low density make Airware® 2076 an excellent choice for damage tolerance driven lower wing stringers currently using legacy 2024 T3511 extrusions.  Airware® 2076 is available in profiles 0.55 – 1.25in (14 – 31.8mm) thick.


2027-T3511 is a high damage tolerant extruded product developed to provide improved mechanical properties when compared to 2024 alloy. 2027-T3511 extrusions are recommended for parts requiring high damage tolerance and strength and are available in the thickness range of 0.5 – 1.6in (12.7 – 40.6 mm). 2027-T3511 extrusions can be formed by cold working and are typically used for stringers to stiffen wing skin panels machined from damage-tolerant 2xxx alloy plates.


7449-T79511 has been developed to provide an improved strength/corrosion balance versus the incumbent 7150 alloy. In the over-aged T79511 temper, 7449 provides an alternative to 7150-T77511, and offers a higher strength level than 7150-T6511 with improved exfoliation corrosion and stress corrosion resistance. 7449-T79511 extrusions are available in the W511 cold-formable temper, a Temper for Age Forming (TAF), or in the final use T79511 temper, in the thickness range of 0.5 – 1.75in (12.7 – 44.5 mm). 7449-T79511 stringers efficiently stiffen compression driven wing panels machined from high strength 7xxx plates.

7349-T6511 / T76511

7349 provides higher static properties than incumbent 7x75 and 7150 alloys. 7349 is offered in two tempers; peak-aged T6511 and over-aged T76511, both providing with a superior combination of very high strength and corrosion resistance. 7349 is available in the thickness range of 0.06 – 0.75in (1.6 – 20 mm), and in the F- and O- tempers to support forming operations. 7349 extrusions are an excellent choice for high-strength fuselage stringers, as well as seat tracks or floor beams, which require a combination of very high compressive strength and good corrosion resistance.

6056-T4511 / T6511 / T78511

6056 extrusions were designed to provide an excellent balance between high strength and corrosion resistance, delivering superior compression strength and density reduction versus 2024 T3511. 6056 is available from 0.04 – 0.375in (1.0 – 9.5 mm) in two tempers; the peak-aged T6511 and T78511 for improved intergranular corrosion performance. 6056 is also available in T4511, which is the recommended delivery temper when performing forming and conventional welding processes. 6056-T6511/T78511 is an excellent complement to 6156 sheets, as high-strength weldable fuselage stiffeners.

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