Automotive Decorations

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Constellium is a global leader in the production and supply of aluminium functional-surface products that are increasingly used for automotive decorative trim. Our bright, matte, or structured surfaces meet the high level of surface quality required for inner and outer automotive applications.

Our range of aluminium rolled products includes various surface finishes that contribute to interior and exterior decoration parts, including door and cockpit trims, center console, sill plates, nameplates, pedals, speaker grills, buttons, window trim, and emblems.

Impressive designs and innovative finishes

We offer a vast selection of properties, finishes, and functionalities to achieve superior aesthetic appeal and performance (e.g., scratch performance). Thanks to our unique, dedicated manufacturing process for automotive decorative products, we can deliver best-in-class formability and increased elongation. Our products adapt to various transformation processes and can respond to design teams’ most demanding applications.

Maximum productivity, minimal footprint

Our state-of-the-art equipment, quality controls, and vast operational experience guarantee top-quality materials and consistency, for stable production. We offer myriad possibilities for automotive decorative applications using aluminium, an endlessly recyclable material.

Bright Finish

305 & 310

305 and 310 are decorative rolled surfaces which are characterized by a bright finish. Their smooth and very homogeneous surface appearance without streaks meets the highest demands of surface quality in the untreated state or with a transparent coat of paint. 305 and 310 are mainly used for emblems, door sill panels, and other trim parts.


Rolled Bright 430 is a decorative rolled surface which is characterized by a brilliant surface appearance with a ground finish visible in the subsurface. 430 is mainly used for the exterior window trim and for a number of decorative interior parts.

Matte Finish

615 & 631
615 and 631 are decorative rolled surfaces which are characterized by a fine, matte structured surface.

They are particularly used for interior parts. They can be further lacquered, brushed and embossed.

Structures Finish

Butler finish 824 & 827 and Longline finish 815
These three finishes are decorative rolled surfaces characterized by a longitudinal surface structure, similar to a brushed surface with a fine discontinuous line structure.

They are used for interior parts.

Technical services

We provide more than just aluminium. Our highly competent and diverse teams combine expertise with flexibility, delivering solutions with unique value to support our customers' business objectives. Our technical services include design and feasibility studies, laboratory services, new product development, life cycle analysis, problem solving, and onsite support.

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