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We are committed to seeing more diversity at our sites. Meet some of the women leading the way and working on our factory floors.

Annick Duchet is a bridge crane operator in our Issoire foundry. She works alone in the crane, 10-15 meters under the roof, moving among five melt furnaces and removing big aluminium plates. The plates weigh between three and 19 tons each, and her colleagues are down below. “At first, the guys on the floor didn’t make it easy; they thought the bridge crane was no place for a woman,” she says. “With time, they got to know me, and now it’s great.” 

Belen Davo received a PhD in corrosion and protection systems for AlCulLi alloys in her native Spain. She works for Constellium as project manager of the R&D portfolio for TID (Transportation, Industry, and Defense) in Aerospace and Transportation. She says, “I have always felt privileged to work in applied research, finding solutions for aluminium that we will see in our transportation vehicles, or so many other applications.”

Lauren Bohn studied chemical engineering and works in Van Buren at Constellium’s Automotive Structures plant as a process engineer, optimizing the body structure and Crash Management System production lines. She is also a member of the Global Engineering Development Program, which, she says, “has made me a more dynamic and confident professional…encouraged to explore areas that are interesting to me, such as welding, materials science, and aerospace.”

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Annick Duchet

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