“Energy Scouts” at Singen

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Energy efficiency is one of the most important sustainability goals at Constellium. Our Singen site initiated an "Energy Scout” training program for apprentices and Cooperative Study Program students, teaching them the basics of energy management and technology, along with analysis of energy data and identification of solutions. 

Trainees worked on several real-life situations. David Otto and Udo Bruttel, mechatronic engineer apprentices, counted the number of fluorescent tubes in the training center and found that replacing them with LEDs could result in energy cost savings of 64.4%. Industrial clerk Justin Herr and business administration student Florian Stotz measured the power savings that could be achieved by turning IT equipment off instead of leaving it in standby mode. They found that by using time switches, computers and similar devices could be switched off when not in use, and the savings could pay for the switches in less than a year. 

Daniel Weltin, an engineering student, investigated optimizing the cooling section of the hot rolling line, where a blower system operates continuously during maintenance shifts and breaks. He found that existing electric fans could be eliminated, resulting in annual savings of almost €800. Switching off the blower when the cooling section comes to a standstill could deliver annual savings of €8,000.