Celebrating International Women's Day 2023

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On International Women’s Day, we proudly celebrate the thousands of women who contribute to Constellium’s success every day. From the production floor to the laboratory and the Boardroom to the home office, we are grateful for the skills, experience, perspective, and commitment they bring to our workplaces. 

This year, we invited women who participate in our mentoring program to share what the experience has meant to them. Here are their stories.

Agnès -HR Manager, Compensation and Development - Issoire, France

When I joined Constellium Issoire in 2008, we were only 12 women in management or engineering positions. Today we are 45! As well as increasing the number of women in management positions, Constellium has also improved our career perspectives. I have had opportunities to progress whenever I chose to reinforce my expertise and today I manage the payroll team at the plant.Regarding work-life balance, I am grateful to Constellium to be able to hold an interesting position with responsibilities while still prioritizing my family. I choose to work part-time since the birth of my second child, who is Autistic. Working from home is also an option that allows me the flexibility I need.

Sharon - Quality Manager - White, GA, U.S.

I believe offering guidance and support to other women on how to breakthrough barriers and achieve their goals is what mentoring is about.When considering to become a mentor, I think you need to ask yourself why you want to become a mentor. What is it you hope to accomplish? For me, mentoring is about giving back.  A desire to pass on what I’ve learned in order to empower other women.As a mentee, I truly believe knowledge is power.  Your mentor is offering their guidance for your professional growth however,  you have to take responsibility for your own learning experience.

Stanislava - HR Specialist  Zilina, Slovakia

Constellium’s female mentoring program is a great experience for both parties in my opinion. It is an opportunity to gain a new perspective, new guidelines and new knowledge. By participating in the program, I have gained a good friend in my mentor who gives me courage and support whenever I need it.

Chi Meei - Head of Finance for Constellium Switzerland - Zurich, Switzerland

The mentoring program has helped me to increase my self-confidence and develop better problem-solving skills. My mentor offers different perspectives which are instrumental in changing the way I look at things. He also serves as a sounding board to test ideas out, which leads to a better ability to solve problems. He provides invaluable knowledge, especially tips on overcoming obstacles and the art of asking questions/providing feedback. Having a mentor who has vast experience in the organization is an incredible opportunity as they can shed light on the inner workings of the organization that help mentees to get ahead.

Audrey - French and European Patent Attorney - Voreppe, France

I appreciated participating in the mentoring program, because I met a mentor that was really open-minded and helpful with the concerns and questions I raised. This experience allowed me to build a relationship I will keep in the future, and I know this person will continue to guide me through different situations I could face later in my career. I would like to warmly thank my mentor and encourage other women to participate in the mentoring program.

Emily - Senior Metal Flow Manager -Muscle Shoals,U.S.

Constellium provides both men and women with the space to utilize our individual skillsets and have our voices heard. Since joining the Metal Procurement team in 2015, I’ve had many formal and informal mentors within the company who have acted as a strong support system and provided me with encouragement along the way. 

Lisa - Head of Process Development and Industrialization - Singen, Germany 

Thanks to the mentoring program, I gained new insights into management perspectives. The exchanges with my mentor helped me to gain more self-confidence, to expand my horizons, and to become aware of my own potential. 

Solène - Rolling Quality and Process Manager - Issoire, France

This program helped me to take a step back and look at my role from an outside point of view. It helped me to define the sense of my missions and my targets more clearly and I can feel it had a positive impact on my way of leading  projects, or managing my team. I think that I gained confidence and knowledge along the meetings with my mentor. I recommend mentoring in general for everyone building a career.

Maren- Supply Chain Specialist - Singen, Germany

The mentoring program was a great experience for me. On a personal level, it made me become more aware of my potential. It challenged me to think about how to better use my personal strengths in my job and how to grow into tasks where I can make use of those and create value. Through the program, I could connect with various people from our Constellium network, not least with my mentor, who is an inspiring woman to me.

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Agnès, HR Manager

Sharon, Quality Manager

Stanislava, HR Specialist

Chi Meei, Head of Finance

Audrey, French and European Patent Attorney

Emily, Senior Metal Flow Manager

Lisa, Head of Process Development and Industrialization

Solène, Rolling Quality and Process Manager

Maren, Supply Chain Specialist