Beautifying Building Facades in China

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Innovation Highlights

Following a three-year collaboration with C-TEC R&D, our Singen plant successfully re-entered the building and construction market with high-quality anodized aluminium. By developing a new process route based on the 5005 alloy, Singen offered new solutions that meet the sector’s exacting standards for durability, appearance, and fire resistance. 

Singen completed three architectural projects with a Chinese partner. The first, ”Vanke Shenzhen Bay Cloud Center,” was delivered in 2019 and involved more than 1,000 m2 of copper-colored anodized aluminium. The second, in March 2020, used champagne-colored anodized aluminium for a metro line station in Shenzhen. The Hangzhou Asian Games Stadium used more than 13,000 m² of gold-colored anodized aluminium. 

Estelle Muller, an R&D Engineer at C-TEC, explains, “The most challenging aspect of the project was to ensure exceptional surface quality, and particularly the color consistency required for prestigious buildings...By running industrial trials and deeply characterizing the metal (mechanical testing, microstructural investigations, and response to surface treatment), we could then identify further improvement possibilities.” Additional projects using other surface types are under discussion.

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On this building, all that glitters is aluminium